Supervision in Janitorial Calculations

To help reflect the cost of supervision / management, we've coded two provisions into our bidding calculations:

1/ As a provision for 'non direct salaries' in Overhead on the Price tab

2/ As a provision for 'site supervision' in Other Requirements on the Areas tab

To explain, we consider overhead expense (burden) those costs 'over and above' direct wages and payroll taxes, such as perishable equipment, cleaning supplies... as well as an amount to 'carry' its share of other expenses such as rent, phone, and non-direct salaries, such as supervision..

For example, let’s say a cleaning business owner has a full time manager who works in their main office during the afternoon to take calls and prep schedules…but then also... performs quality checks for a route of multiple buildings ‘in the field’ as well; that could be considered non-direct salary/supervision.

Determining the time and dollar provisions needed for each unique cleaning job can be challenging because of differences that often exist in a/ the specific management challenges of each cleaning account, b/ the expectations or requirements of the building owner, as well as in c/ how each cleaning company structures supervision.

Our approach is our attempt to help account for supervision in spite of these differences, but we encourage member to adjust time and/or price to reflect their unique understanding of the project as well as their own company's approach to supervision..

Sorry for the long explanation, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Hope it helps, but please just let me know if you have any questions.